What’s The Problem In *******!

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Failing is never the problem but if you are not failing that’s the real problem! @ Mahendra Kapady.

I decided to quit my job. So, I declared the same in my family & on my workplace. My parents, peers asked so, what’s your plan? I said I have a plan but it’s not a concrete plan? (As I know life doesn’t work out the way we have thought or designed.) But whatever it may be, I would figure it out! I insisted. They said you talk all about imagination. There is no surety in your plan! (Inside they were saying to themselves. There is a high chance that this guy would fail.) but feeling that would hurt me! So, they pulled back their punches & asked me – what if you fail? Have you ever thought about it?

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I said yeah- I have kept that thing in my mind. It’s okay if I would fail. What’s the problem in it? I said – the maximum thing that can happen is My plans might go completely wrong & I might fail but I wouldn’t die. And by the time I am alive – I would figure it out. and to that response they really have no questions to go further.

In last 16-18 months, I asked myself the same question over and over again “What If I fail?”  and my mind produced lots of scary movies and tried to push me back to my comfort zone. Still I did hold on to my anchoring thought “ I need to Explore Myself.” And kept on nurturing the thoughts of courage. Kept practicing courage in smallest of the activities.

In the journey – I got to know that more than anything we are more terrified by the fear of failure than the actual failure itself! That’s the big deal! In any endeavor of our life, you might fail or may not but rather than actual failure you mostly get paranoid by the worries associated with fear of failure and excessive dreadful imagination. Your mind would show you poverty, hatred, un-acceptance, rejection and many more emotions that would make you feel dejected. Failure is just a possibility! The possibility of you might fail is around 60-70%, so there is hope of you succeeding 30-40% but the habit of worry, worries of failures start projecting the 100% failure pictures on your mind.

See, 85% of the things we fear about never actually happen in your life. The major portion of our fear is in our mind which is self-created fallacy. and how our mind produces these pictures? it’s by the data we feed it through People, information, & surroundings.

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What If You really fail?  let’s say you fail as they have said or the way you feared the most. So, what’s the problem? At least you made a brave attempt! You mustered the courage enough to take the leap of faith. There are thousands of people just think but they never jump. But you are not like them. You are different. You are more of a doer than thinker!

I ask you what’s the problem in failing! The problem is the way we have been raised. Its been always said from childhood “Do not make mistakes!” We get punished for making mistakes and failing in something is considered as crime! So, avoiding mistakes and act, do, behave like everybody is always considered as the best option, which is like creating a recipe for mediocre person and killing the creative instincts of that personality.

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You explore the new dimension for yourself & Your life only when you keep a room in your life for the failures! @ Mahendra Kapady. You have to take few chances, walk few unorganized ways, make few undiscovered choices, testify few Unknown horizons in order to explore something that you have never known about yourself and that’s when you explore and tap into you limitless potential.

In life You make some choices, they either work or may not. You either succeed or you learn some difficult lessons. There is no failing as such. Its only through failing you discover the new dimension to work upon. Failure is a sign to change the direction towards your goal not to change the goal. If you sit a place, just listen to great people, read their books and wait for right opportunity, may be you would be sitting there forever. Sometimes the road to something worthy test yourself and demands the inception with some failure.

You cannot explore the new ways for your life by sitting at the corner. Living life in comfort zone is equivalent to sitting at the corner. And life appears quite narrow and mediocre if you are seeing it from the corner. Life appears limited and unexciting if you are seeing it through the lens of fear.

You don’t know whether the opportunity is right or wrong until you jump in! Don’t go blind, don’t shoot on everything. Use your wisdom, analyze your situation, analyze your situation, do your homework and Jump In! You have to take calculated risks and take leap of faith. Trust me, sometimes your calculations may go horribly wrong and you end up failing and that’s completely alright. At least you testified yourself. You did test your courage, Your Gut-feel, your potential, your skills, your patience, your persistence & the small voice within you.

The one who never attempts is already a loser whereas the one who makes an attempt & loses in a race is not a loser but a participant. Be the participant of life not the spectator! 


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