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No one can show you the path but You! No One can give you answers but you! No one can help you but You! @ Mahendra Kapady.

True Story – 

Last few days (may be almost a month), had been a sort of turmoil to me. I spent a lot of time discussing with lot of people about the questions that were/are rumbling in my mind. ( I was never like that– before going ahead – I would like to share that about 4 years I was completely different person and never used to ask any opinion from family/friend or people. There was only one way. Its either my way or my way. So, with that sort of ballistic/adamant approach I took too many decision of my life for about half decade. Many of them went well, few went quite bad. So, I paid the price for them as well. When I did some introspection and worked on my attitude, I started listening, consulting to people, especially my circle of trust.)

I Got Lost – I discussed with quite few people who are very close to me and to be very honest I didn’t get the answer what I was looking far rather I got more baffled by the response I received from the people. I received the stark response. At one end I received love for my idea, too many of them thought its a brave and different attempt. some of them found too many flaws and they completely ridiculed my ideology.
After a while I almost lost what I was really looking for and I got little bit of shaky about my approach/ideology. A question started popping from someone – whether I am thinking and acting in right way? 

After a lot of confusion and introspection, I got to know a peculiar thing.

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To be very honest – I didn’t not completely agreed with anyone’s answer fully! Why? Because in my mind I already have drawn the path for me and know the answers for me and they are carved quite solid that I didn’t accept their version for my situation.

I got to know – No one can give you answers but you!

See, to be very honest People are really good. They care for you, They love you. They want to help you but they cant help you. People can never give you answer for your problems or challenges & your life. They can only give a view not the solutions or the stand out path. You need to figure it out on your own!

there are wise people around you & Sometime they offer you some good ways and in that way still there is glitch – How? Mostly, They would be offering you the solutions or suggestions from the situations they are standing at! Even though they try to act neutral and try to resolve from 3rd person perspective it doesn’t work out exactly as expected by you because they do not feel the absolute intensity & gravity of problem/scenario you are standing in.

Choose, Walk, Re-correct! 

To be very honest, we do not directly operate from the intellect or wisdom but we do operate from our beliefs. Hence,You need to trust your own gutfeel and walk through the path you have chosen!
May be you would make some mistakes, risks. you might feel some pain, you might get hurt but you definitely get some clarity! See, You can gain information, knowledge from people but not the wisdom. The absolute wisdom cannot be gained through other people’s experience or studies, it can only be gained through your journey.

What’s The Problem In *******!

May be right now- You must be completely paranoid with the confusions you have in front of you. You are not sure which path to choose. What would be your next step? What to do? Trust me – Confusion is going to be there no matter how long you wait or how deep you gain information and study/access the situation and if you wan to gain clarity you have to walk through the confusion. Without Action You cannot gain absolute clarity.

जि़न्‍दगी का रास्‍ता बना बनाया नहीं मिलता हैं, स्‍वयं को बनाना पड़ता हैं, जिसने जैसा मार्ग बनाया उसे वैसी ही मंजिल मिलती है @ Swami Vivekananda. 

People can show you multiple ways but no one is going to accompany you till the end. Few may start with you, few may join you in between but you need to complete your journey on you own. You have to find your solutions! No one else can do it for you! You may choose a path, take some decision and after a while it may go completely wrong. Yeah there is a high possibility of that and its completely alright. To err is human. Its not a sin but an attempt that didn’t work out and to be very honest it showed you the path you chosen wasn’t appropriate for you, its time for correction. You may have to go under re-correction quite few times and with that experience you gain clarity.

Image result for be bold be strong swami vivekananda

The Best path is always the path you are willing to walk upon with all your will. You need to walk through them and decide which one is best for you! Walking on the path is easy but finding the right one (before you walk) is the ultimate puzzle each one of us have to resolve and Its the test of your character!


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