The Meaningless Transaction!

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Generosity is the only attribute that makes you feel Rich & Happy! @ Mahendra Kapady.

True Story –

On my last birthday I made a different resolve. It’s about gifting someone valuable rather expecting anything from them. So, about 2 weeks ago, I did something strange to my new friend. I couriered few books to him anonymously. (I decided to keep it undercover but) somehow due to dual address on the courier box he got to know that I did this anonymous act of gifting.

For a while, He got puzzled. Then he thought why this guy is doing this? I am sure many questions/views popped up in his mind. Few were like –

  • This guy is very emotional!
  • He seems a rich brat or having some intention?
  • Why he is doing this? No one has ever done this before for me!

Then he called me and asked – why are you doing this? What’s the reason? Initially I said I haven’t done anything, when he insisted I said – there is no reason as such, I just did it. nothing else! He kept asking why? He was completely clueless about this overall happenstance. I said I would tell you the story when we would meet & concluded the conversation.

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I termed the whole process as The Meaningless Transaction. Please stay tuned to the new view.

Generosity, Charity or Trade!

This discussion is especially for the people who consider themselves as generous. We all think that we are quite generous & open hearted givers. But are we really generous? Do we Donate with open heart? Do we Gift and do charity from inside!

In my view – The way most of the people give in 21st century is quite mean. More than givers they are good traders! Our most acts of giving are the trading transactions for future investment. Expecting something back- it can be an appreciation, consideration, fame, returns of some kind or other.

All our acts of generosity and charity are the smart transactions. They are ways to gain something. They are not selfless but self-satisfying transactions.

How do we donate & gift?

  • We gift someone either to build/strengthen a relation.
  • We gift someone for a social reason i.e. it must be need of an hour/occasion. Like birthday, marriage, anniversary, meet ups.
  • We gift with a motive. I.e. We expect something in return.
  • In social charity – We do some handsome donation & We expect the recognition, fame or appreciation for our acts. Immediately, a picture gets clicked and goes immediately on social media & you get 250+ likes and 30 comments. Isn’t that great? The purpose of charity is solved!

In my view all these acts done with some intent and hidden motive are nothing but transactions So, they don’t serve the real purpose of Giving, Charity. If you are attached to outcome and giving with an intent of gaining something (direct or indirect) you would never experience the real joy of giving.

If there is a intellect brain attached to your act of charity and of generosity its nothing but the trade! Because generosity and charity are the matter of heart. I ask you – have you gifted a pair of sandals to security guard standing at your premise? Have you gifted anything to people who are serving you for years? Your laundry guy, Car washing guy, Your Cobbler, your mechanic, Your milkman, the courier guy. Have you? Why you haven’t thought about them? Why can’t you be generous to them? They don’t deserve any gifts? Why we have to give costly gift only to our friends? Why can’t we give something very small but relevant to these guys. Maybe a Diary, a book, pair of shoes, umbrella, bag or anything that they are needing the most but can’t afford. Just think over it?  On my birthday – instead of doing Party with friends I do practice such acts and it feels really great. My birthday gets memorable with blessings and smile from these fellows.

An Eccentric Ideology – The real art of giving can be experienced through the meaningless transaction. The act of giving/gifting that I did with my friend is an example of Meaningless transaction.

I just did it, without expecting anything in return, not even a thank you. I just did it and forgot it completely. I didn’t even wait for his message or acknowledgement. I did it and forgot it! I go to numerous places (don’t want to mention here deliberately), I prefer to give it anonymously and If I couldn’t, I just give it. I neither take a picture nor wait for any appreciation from the people. I do not even discuss with my friends or parents.

By doing such meaningless transactions you free yourself from the trade of generosity. It takes a wide open heart and courage to give someone knowing that you are not going to get anything back not even a thank you or smile.

Sometimes you just do the act of generosity and stop finding the meaning that what you gained or achieved through it. Generosity is not necessarily a gainful experience. You got to do it and forget it! Don’t expect the temporary gain but experience the ultimate peace of mind through the selfless act of generosity. Trust me, it would come back to you in some way or the other may not be immediately but definitely. Do the act of generosity not the trade!

What is Your meaningless transaction? Share with me, would love to know and employ in my life.


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