A Dream Academy!

Hello Friends,

This is Mahendra Kapady.

1Beginner is A Dream Academy & A platform for the development of individuals through training & personal development. It’s an attempt to create a pathway for young people to rise beyond mediocrity and aspire to the greater heights.

Its my Dream Academy to Motivate people & Inspire them. Beyond Motivation its a motive-action Academy which believe in transformation in lives of people around us through actions & implementation .

I have a Vision to help people to fulfill their dreams, Unlock their potential & leap beyond Imagination. It’s a website/Content sharing site especially for all beginners, expert who wish to create difference in their life & in the lives of people around us. Who intend to learn the New skills, ideas, to raise the thinking standard & elevate their life.

The firm is founded by Mr. Mahendra Kapady who is Self Explorer, Life Enthusiast, Novice Self-help Writer, passionate about personality, soft skills development & New View Thinker.

This is firm for development of You through various ways like-

  • To elevate human beings & Winners through our New view training system.
  • Attitude makeover through thinking transition.
  • Personality development, Soft Skills training through our interactive discussion program.
  • Sharing inspiration/motivation through Blog.
  • By spreading awareness, sharing ideas to create difference in lives of people.

We would share the Motivational Content, inspiration, triumph of the legends from History, views of experts, ideology of the winners, success stories of the heroes, fighters who went to become triumph through Try & Trials. We should share best in class Videos from across the Globe. The Quotes, content that can give your day a great start. We would share ideas, techniques that can create difference in your lives.

In addition to this we would like to join the hands with other beginners, to collaborate, to grow bigger and help more people in society to live in a much better way.

Thank you! Please get in touch with us for the counselling session.

– Mahendra Kapady.
CEO, Founder
1Beginner Training Systems.

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