Million Dollar Habits!

Hello Friends,

Its been said-

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us.”@John dryden.

Your Habits Either Make your life or Break Your Life! Sometimes you are not aware about your habits, whether they are Good one or Bad or Really really Bad & taking toll on your life & Future!

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This program is for reviewing, reworking on your Habits! This is an interactive as well counselling sort of program (for individual) Here we cover diverse points to help you-

  1. Habit! Science of Your Habits!
  2. Your Default, Necessary habits!
  3. How Habits are Formed! Who is responsible?
  4. The hard Truth!
  5. Few Disastrous but unnoticed Bad Habits of You!
  6. How to inculcate Good Habits!
  7. How to Eradicate bad Habits!
  8. Habits! How to make a Choice that leads to destiny!
  9. Compound effect of Habits!
  10. Million Dollar Habits!
  11. How to Be High Performer With Habits!

Specifications –

  • Duration- 2 Hour to 4 hours.(As requested)
  • batch size-  10 members Max.
  • Can be conducted for Individual.
  • Location as requested by individual or Mutually agreed.
  • Fees- 1500 Rs per participant
  • 100 % Refundable.

For More information, inquire us at or What’s App 7506776348.

The program previously known as Success Through Millionair Habits!

– 1Beginner Training Systems


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